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Kitty Cats

Our top priority at Chew-That is to offer you great quality products that are affordable and that have your cat’s health and wellness always in mind. Of course we carry many of our community’s favourite products, but come in today and check out the selection of items that are hard, if not impossible to find anywhere else! If you have any questions, please contact us, we are here to help, and we always treat your pets like ours.

Cat Nutrition and Lifetime Health

Our cat’s nutrition will dictate their health and wellbeing for their life. Good nutrition will decrease digestive issues, increase overall health, and lead to a longer healthier life with your cat.

The selection of food that we carry at Chew-That reflects the choices that we ourselves would feed our very own cats. We carry foods that are made by pet food companies, not big corporations that have their first business development in toilet paper, cleaners, or cereal.

Picky Eaters

So many of us suffer from being the pet parent to a picky cat. At Chew-That we have had great results with those picky felines and the treats that we offer. We carry a wide selection of different brands that continue to reflect our dedication to providing healthy, safe, and entertaining enjoyment.

Play keeps them young

The accessories found at Chew-That are constantly changing and keeping it fresh for your cats. We source many of our accessories from local vendors and try to support as many small independent companies as possible. Whether you are looking for some independent play, interactive play, climbing or hiding, or even hiking, we can help you find what you are looking for!

“Exceptional store. Helpful staff. Generous at heart.”
Tanya, Ottawa

Our Cat Products

We are always adding new and exciting foods and products to our stores.  Please call or come in and see us for additional options besides these customer favourites!

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