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Feeding a Kibble Diet

There are so many options when it comes to feeding your pet a kibble diet. Grain-free, grain inclusive, single protein, or multiprotein. It can be an overwhelming decision when bringing a new furry family member home.

The first recommendation I can offer is, that whatever your breeder or rescue is feeding, keep feeding that to your new pet upon arrival home for at least 2 weeks before introducing a new food to them. Your pet will be going through so many changes already, unless there is a problem with the food, hold off to transition to what you would like to feed until your pet has had a chance to settle in.

Doing your research on the kibble that you are interested in is a good start. Has the company had any recalls? Is the company a pet food company, or is it owned by a big corporation that has added pet food to their repertoire? Where is the food sourced and made? What price point do you feel comfortable in? Doing this research will help narrow down to fewer choices. Once you have a few ideas in your mind, then you should look at the breed of your pet, and the lifestyle your pet will lead. Is it a large breed, active cat like a Bengal, or a quieter, relaxed, and mellow cat like a Persian? Calorie needs will be different for each of these examples of kitties. Is the pup you are bringing home an active, high energy dog? Is your pup a low key couch potato that is aging and not excessively active? These two examples of pups need very different types of calories, fat, and protein as well.

Whether you shop with us at Chew-That or any pet supply store around the world, ask for help when deciding on your pet’s food. Before making an informed decision, the team member at the store should be asking you a few questions to get to know your pet a bit better. After these questions are asked, we/they can help you make a great choice on a food that should be well suited for your pet. There is not a food made that will work for every pet, but doing your research and answering some questions, we are sure to help you find the best starting point. At Chew-That we do not favour one food over another, each food company we carry has a very good reputation, and many pets have led a very happy, healthy life eating these brands. We only carry foods that we would feed because we treat your pets like ours.

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