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Critters, the perfect little pet

Critters as I like to call them, are a great way to introduce life into a home that does not have a lot of space, or time commitment that a larger pet needs.

Small animals have wonderful qualities to share with a family.  I recommend to always do your research before bringing any pet into your family, including one of these cuties.

Critters can be very social little animals.  They too enjoy your company and need gentle loving care every day.  When considering a small animal as a first pet for a family, think about how interactive you would like to be.  Some critters are nocturnal, while others will learn the rhythm of the household, and start to follow along more with your patterns.  Where will your critter be housed?  In a bedroom, a living room, or possibly the kitchen?  A non drafty, social area is always best suited for your critters to be housed if at all possible.

Proper nutrition and exercise is also important for your critters.  When buying food, it is best to look for a high quality form of food that offers all of the nutrition needed for that specific pet.  Nuts and seeds are important for some critters to forage and snack on treats, but if you strictly feed this type of food, you will notice weight gain, and lots of wasted food because many little critters will pick out only the yummiest of seeds and nuts, and leave the rest, which can lead to an unbalanced diet.  Exercise wheels, toys, different levels to climb to (for some critters), and free play with you in a safe space are great ways to offer your little friend exercise and enrichment.

Bedding is also important to think about when bringing your new pet home.  Some of the commercial beddings are actually not suitable for some of these small animals, while others are suitable for any of them.  You never want to put a small caged animal on cedar wood shavings, but aspen is a safer alternative.  Cedar and sometimes pine has been known to make small animals very sick with respiratory and internal illnesses.  There are many other options available to small animals for bedding like paper or fleece. 

Cute, cuddly, smart, and funny are great ways to describe critters.  We are here to help you make the best choice for your family through answering questions, and sharing our love of pets.  Stop by and chat, we always treat your pet like ours.

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