Helping the severely allergic

Dear Geraldine,
I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and advice --- you were the one I initially talked to when I first started my severely allergic mini schnauzer on raw food a year ago.
I was very apprehensive about the change-over in her diet, and you willingly took time out of your busy day to answer my questions and concerns.  Disney is allergic to most protein sources and fruits and vegetables --- but, through trial and error, we found that the pure rabbit worked the best for her, and alleviated much of her horrible itching, scratching, and paw-chewing behaviours.
She was even allergic to the pork organ that you have recently added to the pure rabbit formula.  We have been extremely stressed trying to get enough of the old pure rabbit formulation, so that we could have some working time in order to figure out a new protein source for her that she is not allergic to.
After discussing this with you last week, my husband and I were absolutely thrilled to get a call from Chew-That in Riverside South where we buy our BCR food.  You had followed through on your promise to send the rest of your inventory of pure rabbit ("fryers") to Chew-That ---- and we bought the entire shipment and have filled our freezer with it.   We now have enough to to last us for several months, which allows us more time to work on figuring out other protein sources for Disney--- without her suffering in the meantime.  
We also want you to know that the staff of Chew-That have been exemplary in working with us in our on-going battle of finding different protein sources that our dog can tolerate.   They phone us immediately when anything changes in the ordering process, and work with us in figuring out a solution.  They definitely have their customers' best interests at heart, as do you and BCR.
We wish to stay with BCR, so we're hoping to find other proteins that she is able to tolerate.   We're also hoping that you may, in the future, be able to offer the pure rabbit again --- without the pork organ in it.  We understand that it will not be a balanced dinner; and we are willing to do the work to figure out what minerals/vitamins would have to be added to in order to make it so.    As far as we're concerned, it seems to be the protein that offers the best quality of life for Disney.
We so appreciate everything you have done for us,
Sandi (and Bob) Wallace